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Connect with thousands of customers through interactive, live shoppable videos on your website.
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What is Live Video Shopping?

Connect with your worldwide customers through live, shoppable videos on your eCommerce website. Let the world watch, interact and shop directly through your live shopping videos. This is how your customers will meet you. This is how they will buy! This is the future of retail.
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What Live Video Shopping can do for you:

Skyrocket your sales

Bambuser is proven to increase your engagement, sales, and time-on-site - and what’s more, you will own all of that data, unlike any other platform!

Stream to the entire world, from anywhere

Whether you film in a showroom, an office, a studio, or even outside, you can create a Live Video Shop for everything: product reviews, new launches, one-off entertainment events, tutorials & consultations, fundraising, Q&As, fashion shows and much more.

Breath life into your own website

You no longer have to rely on third-party platforms to perform as you can add your biggest conversion driver directly to your website. Attach as many shoppable products as you like to a video.

What Bambuser Offers your Business?

World-leading live Streaming technology: so you can stream, distribute and let viewers play your videos on the internet.

Hosting and Broadcasting technology: so you can film your video and host from anywhere in the world, through a mobile phone device.

The set-up & data-aggregator dashboard: so you can schedule your live, add your products in under 5 minutes as well as analyzing your viewing stats post-show.

The video player interface: so you can quickly embed the video player into any eCommerce website for your viewers to watch from. What’s more, you can also simultaneously stream them through Facebook, Tiktok, Linked In, and more.

24% Engagement Rate

Connect with an unlimited number of customers through interactive, live, shoppable events on your website.

31% Add-To-Cart Rate

Bridge the gap between the online and offline buying experiences our powerful & simple add-on that converts.

12.4% Buying Rate

All transactions are processed through your native checkout to makes purchases easy and regular.
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