How to Plug & Play

One-to-Many has been designed to be easy to use. 

Here are the steps you need to follow to go live.

1. Log in to the Bambuser Dashboard

Log in at to create your live show. 

Start by adding the title and description.

2. Add products

Add product to your show by copying and pasting the links to their product pages on your site. Some basic info is auto populated, you need to fill in the rest.

3. Add your host(s)

Add your chosen host and guest hosts by entering their email addressses.

4. Copy code

Once you’ve added all your information, copy the code snippet provided alongside Embed.

5. Embed on-site

Paste the link on your landing page. In the source code, CMS or in Google Tag Manager.

6.The Bambuser app

Ask your host to download the Bambuser Live Video Shopping app available on the Apple App Store and
Android App store.
You’re ready to go live!
get started
For full technical documentation visit