Profoto | Combining Two Bambuser Solutions to Capitalize on Sales

More than 50 years ago, photography innovators Conny Dufgran and Eckhard Heine tasked themselves with creating the very best flash for the very best photographers.

This ambition led them to co-found Profoto with the simple principle of empowering and facilitating “a world filled with incredible images”.

Today the brand is a world-leader and renowned pioneer in photography hardware, priding itself on the superior craftsmanship that goes into every single product.



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The objective

After exploring other Live Video Shopping providers, Bambuser became the obvious choice for Profoto because of the unique and powerful features that alternatives do not possess.

Profoto knew that customers today prefer shopping online, especially for the kind of high-value tech and hardware they are famous for.

Like most modern brands, their website had the familiar, crucial responsibility of convincing on-site users to buy their products over competitors’.  

They needed a Live Video Shopping partner that guaranteed a seamless, intuitive, on-site solution that delivered excellent customer experiences, encouraged conversion and precisely measured their customers’ intent to purchase.

Before speaking with Bambuser, Profoto was aware of how Live Video Shopping can optimize traditional ecom. They had already been exploring other providers in search of one that met all their unique needs.

Ultimately it was Bambuser's exclusive features like add-to-cart capability that encouraged Profoto to adopt both our One-to-Many and One-to-One solutions into their site.

“We tried a number of other providers, but the key feature only Bambuser could offer was the ability for customers to add items to their baskets within the player.”

Sara Strid, VP, Profoto


The solution

One-to-Many engages thousands of customers in Profoto’s weekly live shows and One-to-One invites customers who spend 60 secs on product pages into calls with sales staff.

Both solutions were integrated quickly and seamlessly into Profoto’s site, configured to work together to capitalize on as many sales opportunities as possible.

One-to-Many is used to host their very popular weekly show, Geared Up where affiliated pro photographer, Chris Fain leads insightful walkthroughs and answers customers’ questions via Bambuser’s ultra-responsive chat function.

The shows are broadcasted live and then saved onto their site where they remain shoppable, creating an endless cycle of exciting information and purchase opportunities for customers.

One-to-One is used in an ingenious way to entice customers already displaying interest in products. Profoto’s site uses Bambuser’s Floating Action Widget to notify and invite customers who have spent 60-seconds on a product page into One-to-One calls with their sales staff.

This not only increases the likelihood of sales, but sets Profoto apart in the minds of their customers as a brand that provides them with friendly, knowledgeable faces when they need them.

“We focus on sales. We set high revenue goals and Bambuser allows us to monitor our progress. We see how each solution performs separately.”

Sara Strid, VP, Profoto


The results

Together, One-to-Many and One-to-One work seamlessly as an extremely effective, full-loop ecommerce ecosystem that exponentially increases Profoto’s sales.

Thanks to Bambuser, Profoto’s native, on-site sales are maximized every day.

Within the first quarter of 2022, the two solutions generated incredible results. 15,000 customers (both live and recorded) tuned in to Geared Up and 140 customers requested to speak to brand representatives via One-to-One.

Most astonishingly for such a short period, One-to-Many and One-to-One generated Profoto $50.7K in revenue.

From a broad perspective, Profoto provides all their customers with weekly, information-rich insights into their product line via One-to-Many, keeping customers updated on new features and entertained with shoppable, engaging demos.

In a targeted sense, Profoto leverages One-to-One to allow their staff to directly step in when customers show more intent on making purchases, much like they would in-store.

Bambuser’s Live Video Shopping has revolutionized Profoto’s sales funnel, giving them enhanced control to create more conversion and get a better understanding of their customers.

“The level of measurability has changed everything for us. We can finally track our success to adapt and fine-tune our entire ecommerce approach.”

Sara Strid, VP, Profoto


See Profoto’s Geared Up live shows here. If you’d like to enhance your native ecom like Profoto, book your free demo now.

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