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HUGO BOSS | Soft Launch to Milan Fashion Week in Two Livestreams

The first 21-minute livestream in Germany achieved a very high engagement rate and revealed a dedicated Live Shopping audience.

The second was seen around the globe from 13 local HUGO BOSS sites and kept customers hooked for more than 15 minutes on average.


One of the world’s largest and most respected designer fashion brands

Headquartered in Metzingen, Germany, HUGO BOSS has been a pioneer in fashion since 1924.

The brand has a network of over 1,100 stores worldwide and a high-end online presence with localized sites across the globe offering a seamless and branded online shopping experience.


Joining the global
Live Shopping shift

HUGO BOSS wanted to make its mark with a Live Shopping solution that could embody brand’s high-end look and feel and provide a social media level of engagement within their native ecom.

Aware that Live Shopping is a vital online shopping experience that customers now expect from retailers, HUGO BOSS was keen to enter the space by leveraging One-to-Many – Bambuser’s market-leading solution.

HUGO BOSS chose One-to-Many because it’s capable of...

  • Bringing the brand even closer to its customers
  • Hosting authentic and engaging Live Shopping shows
  • Embeding into the brand’s site within two weeks
  • Going live effectively with a simple and versatile setup


Show #1:





of viewers hit “like”


of viewers chatted

The event was recorded using only a smartphone and broadcasted on the German site. It was hosted by local influencers who guided viewers through summer business looks for the office.

To ensure the best possible first Live Shopping experience, Bambuser’s production team organized a dedicated workshop to guide and inspire the HUGO BOSS team to go live independently to the highest standard.

To host the event, HUGO BOSS recruited two well-known German fashion influencers who are experienced in front of the camera and have a relevant and extensive combined social following that could be encouraged to tune in. This is a common and powerful Live Shopping strategy proven to maximize reach and customer engagement, particularly for brand events aiming to increase reach.

HUGO BOSS also used its existing marketing channels and online presence to drum up excitement and get as many eyes on the Live Shopping launch as possible. The site advertised the event with a notice on the landing page and a pop-up banner, and a newsletter was sent out prior to going live that directly led devoted customers to the stream.


The results

The 21-minute livestream achieved a strong engagement rate and revealed a dedicated Live Shopping audience.

The success factor behind BOSS’ first Live Shopping event show was the hosts being relaxed and confident, which resulted in a smooth, high-quality outcome with a professional feel.

The Bambuser Dashboard showed that almost all of the audience targeted through the newsletter committed to watching the show, proving that BOSS has a very loyal audience and can look forward to engaging with a massive audience as it follows its plan to go live frequently in the future.

Plus, while connecting and engaging with their core customers on a deeper level, the brand was able to gain a new audience.

The brand was also extremely impressed with the revenue generated. The sales alone encouraged the brand to plan a full integration of One-to-Many throughout both the BOSS and HUGO brands and online stores.

All in all, BOSS was able to achieve its objective of hosting an authentic, premium Live Shopping experience with significant and ground-breaking results, using a team-managed setup.

The brand's ecommerce team is excited to continue growing closer to its audience with One-to-Many and continue to explore the partnership and results with Bambuser.

Watch STYLE LIKE A BOSS (German language).


Show #2:
Milan Fashion Week September 22, 2022





avg. view time


of viewers chatted

Following the success of STYLE LIKE A BOSS, HUGO BOSS wanted to quickly scale up to broadcast the Fall/Winter 2022 collection at Milan Fashion Week across 13 sites globally – a much bigger project than anticipated.

Bambuser’s One-to-Many was the solution used to create this collision making a HUGO BOSS collection shoppable for the whole world at the same time as it was given its first glimpse.

The request to broadcast the event across 13 of HUGO BOSS’s sites came just two weeks before Milan Fashion Week began. To execute such a huge project, HUGO BOSS relied on Bambuser’s highly skilled onboarding team, who were able to embed One-to-Many into every site with ease thanks to its plug-and-play nature.

The local sites were the UK, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Denmark, Finland, Ireland and Sweden.

Bambuser’s totally unique Simulcast feature made streaming the hour-long event across each site possible.

“Reality will bend as the physical and digital worlds collide with a runway full of astounding creative concepts and styles.” -


A truly ground-breaking event

Runways are the lifeblood of the fashion industry, and as much as Live Shopping is a tool proven to drive engagement, conversion and marketing no brand had ever before attempted to stream an event like this and make it shoppable.

Before HUGO BOSS and Bambuser’s collaboration it was totally unheard of to combine such an iconic event with Live Shopping – a relatively new technology.
Bambuser is very proud to have made history in such an indelible way with a leader in global fashion.

Commenting on the event, our CEO Maryam Ghahremani said:
“Bambuser is strongly committed to enabling HUGO BOSS’s success and thrilled to be a part of their vision of limitless creativity no limit while they engage with consumers globally and capitalize on viewership in Live Shopping. We look forward to the future with HUGO BOSS as they expand their Live Shopping offering.”

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