December 2021

What Makes Customers Tick During December?


Now that the holidays are in full flow and thousands of festive-themed minutes of livestreams have been broadcast by some of Bambuser’s biggest clients, Bambuser’s research team has deep dived and drawn upon some useful insights to grab some more end of year engagement.

Take a look behind the Bambuser curtain and discover what makes customers tick right now with these four tips:

1. See what your customers are searching

Every brand that offers Live Video Shopping is using the technology to provide their customers with a new and improved way of shopping. The brands who see the most success are those planning which products to showcase by looking at what customers are searching for on their site and using polls and posts on their social channels to ask customers what they want to see and discuss.

The propensity to purchase is at an all time high in December as people are choosing to spend large amounts of money on friends and family at this time of year. Brands should leveger their customer’s consideration and voice by clearly and openly offering a way for them to share the products they want to see in live shows.

As well as giving customers what they really want, brands are also alleviating their own workload during this busy time of year by having their customers help them plan their shows.

It’s a win-win!

2. Offer Live Video Shopping even when everyone’s on OOO

This year, clients will be keeping their Live Video Shows highly active to remain present and top of mind in their customer’s thoughts. Utilizing Bambuser’s pre-record feature to schedule and broadcast shows on Christmas day, New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day and every day in-between makes consistency easy and effective.

Bambuser has learned that once gifts have been opened and the desert has been eaten, people are still keen to go online to see what deals brands are offering. Consumers view the post-Christmas period and the January sales as a chance to get good deals, particularly on products with higher price points.  

In short, brands should go live even on peak days of the festive period and reflect the feeling of the day through smiles, cheer and decorations so that they can give their customers the deals they want, when they want them.

3. Repurpose what you’ve already thrived in

Some of Bambuser’s clients have used this time of year to offer a retrospective view on their Live Video Shopping and they’ve achieved some great viewing figures while reminding their customers how integral the platform is to their brand.

Bambuser suggests that brands go through their library of past shows and use the edit function in the dashboard to cut short clips from their most memorable shows. Whether it’s the highest viewed, a particularly funny blooper or an extra special celebrity guest appearance, brands can easily create some hyper engaging content right now before the year is over.

Another option is to take the items that proved popular on old livestreams and include them in a live winter sale round up. What a great way to shift some old stock!

4. Maximize viewers

Maximize your reach with two of Bambuser’s most loved features: the Floating Action Widget (FAW) and Social Media Multistream.

The Floating Action Widget is a small livestream preview that pops up on a brand’s site and invites browsing customers to join. It’s a revolutionary feature that retailers can use their own branding and customize how, when and where it appears on their site. Some of Bambuser’s clients have reported that 75% of live show viewership is entirely thanks to the FAW inviting browsing customers.

Social Media Multistream is the capability Bambuser has built to allow Live Video Shopping shows to be broadcasted simultaneously across brands’ social channels as well as on their ecommerce site. The livestreams that customers see on Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, etc. draw them in to join the shoppable live shows that live on brands’ native sites.  

Speak to us today to find out how you can put these tips into action.

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“December is a time of gratitude and reflection. Listening to what your customers want to see, hear and shop has never been as easy as leveraging Bambuser’s Live Video Shopping technology.”

Sophie Abrahamsson, CCO, Bambuser

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