May 2021

Sensitive skin and ecommerce: Bambuser + Pai Skincare


Pai Skincare is made for people with sensitive skin, by people with sensitive skin. The company was founded by Sarah Brown, who was inspired to create Pai after her own battle with a skin condition called chronic urticaria. She was tired of trying “hypoallergenic” and “organic” products only to be let down by their ingredient lists full of synthetics and known irritants. That’s why Pai’s cleansers, lotions and serums are vegan, cruelty-free, ethical and sustainable.

As an ecommerce business, Pai is always looking for new ways to boost revenue and online sales. “Expansion and innovation are key to the role that I'm doing,” says Roz Brabner, Head of Ecommerce at Pai Skincare. “And it just felt like [live video shopping] was, one of the innovations that would work really well for us.”

Authenticity feeds engagement

The live shopping event “Shop Live With Sarah: Cleansing” focused on cleansing products and was hosted by company founder Sarah Brown. While demonstrating products and answering customer questions, Brown explained how and why she created Pai Skincare.

“What was really interesting about that show is the fact that Sarah references how she knows what it's like to be a customer with sensitive skin and shopping for skincare.

When you have a host that isn’t as connected to the product, viewers are going to be less likely to ask questions because there's a lack of confidence in what the answer is going to be.”

Pai also employed members of the customer service team to act as chat moderators. “We weren’t expecting many people to respond to our questions in chat, and actually Katya — who was our moderator — her fingers were numb afterwards because she was so busy replying” says Brabner.  


  • 258% higher viewership vs the average Instagram Live
  • 213% higher conversion rate (CVR) vs their average on site
  • 772% increase in time on site

“Bambuser live shopping completely outperformed our expectations” says Brabner.

“Part of the reason that I knew it was a fit for us was because Sarah has performed really well on Instagram Live, but the engagement rates on our first live Bambuser show were better than any of our Instagram Lives to date. What’s interesting is that as soon as the show ended, the revenue spiked which demonstrates that we were successful in captivating the audience. We are now building our future strategy around the ethos of captivate and convert: use the technology to inform and engage and then merchandise the video to maximize conversions.”

Top 3 takeaways

  • Authenticity builds trust - and helps you sell more products
  • Hosting live shopping events on your own site, instead of on social media, can increase engagement
  • Choose a host who understands and represents your target audience

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