Product News
June 2021

Bambuser Launches Social Multistreaming, Bringing Live Video Shopping Events to Facebook, YouTube & More


Bambuser today announced the launch of social media multistreaming, a new capability that empowers retailers to broadcast Live Video Shopping events across popular social channels. The feature will amplify the impact of retailers’ interactive shopping implementations, enabling them to capture large, highly-engaged audiences on third-party sites and drive them to owned e-commerce properties for engagement and conversion.

With multistreaming, Bambuser is offering a best-of-both-worlds solution merging the benefits of social commerce with the stability and control of branded e-commerce experiences. At launch, retailers will have the ability to simultaneously stream live shopping events on their websites and Facebook via app integration as well as across other channels such as TikTok, LinkedIn and YouTube that allow custom RTMP connections. Full integrations for these and other platforms will be added in subsequent versions to be released throughout 2021.

Development of the new feature is part of Bambuser’s ongoing commitment to providing brands and retailers with a robust, platform-agnostic solution that will optimize the impact of their live shopping initiatives. With the initial release of multistreaming, the feature is primarily focused on increasing awareness of and driving traffic to Live Video Shopping segments on the retailer’s owned website. As the technology continues to be developed, Bambuser will augment the solution, adding support for overlays, calls to action, interactive elements and multichat. Activities such as adding to cart and check out will be completed on the merchant’s platform, enabling them to retain control of the customer experience and eliminating privacy and security risks.

“Social media is an essential part of any brand or retailer’s marketing strategy and it remains one of the most powerful ways to create and strengthen customer relationships. On the other hand, as long as those relationships exist solely on third-party sites, their full value can’t be realized,” said Maryam Ghahremani, CEO of Bambuser. “By bringing the eyes of social followers to a brand’s owned Live Video Shopping experience, we’re bridging the gap between owned and social properties, turning passive followers into active shoppers and helping brands and retailers get the greatest benefit possible from both social media and live shopping initiatives.”

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