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January 2023

One-to-Many Quarterly Update: Q4 2022

New features for the next era of Live Shopping

Get up to speed on everything new within One-to-Many released throughout October to December in 2022.

We introduced new ways to engage with audiences and deepen customer relationships to align with the new retail landscape of 2023 where personalization is key. Our products have changed to suit long-term customer relationships, rather than one-off transactions with new customers who are more expensive than ever to convert.

We actioned a ground-breaking development within the Bambuser mobile app, making it easier and faster to introduce new features and expand overall capability. Thanks to this, in Q4 2022 we’ve been able to roll out a totally revamped mobile UI and an industry-first range of split-screen templates within One-to-Many.


Next-level exclusivity with Invite-Only

Invite-Only is our newest ground-breaking feature within One-to-Many, allowing a new way for brands to deliver exclusive and intimate Live Shopping events.

Secure more sales than ever before by welcoming selected groups of customers into password protected closed events such as exclusive launches, membership events or product discussions.



“Q4 2022 has opened up new doors. Brands working with One-to-Many can totally rewrite what Live Shopping means to their customers. ”

- Oscar, Product Area Lead, Bambuser


Enhanced Split Screen performance with new template switching

The all-new Template Switching capability within Bambuser’s industry-first Split Screen feature empowers you to create new custom video layouts for Live Shopping events.

Provide next-level immersive experiences for your viewers and bring products to life more vividly with new ways to use multiple camera angles and dual hosts.



Go live easier with the upgraded Bambuser Broadcaster app

With this update we've put everything you need in one place when using One-to-Many within the iOS Broadcaster app.

It looks sleeker than ever with an updated UI that makes the user experience even more intuitive and smooth, and on the surface our design team has done an amazing job giving the app a more native Bambuser look and feel.

Also, in the backend we’ve made some smart changes to allow us to add more features in the future.



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