Product News
February 2021

New features in the Bambuser Live Video Shopping platform


Bambuser Live Video Shopping just got a little better, with a set of new features to help you attract more people to your live shows, improve accessibility, and interact with social media. 

Our new features include: 

Floating Action Button (FAB) previews

Let your site visitors know a live show is about to start with the new FAB preview! These pop-up teaser videos create a sense of urgency, leading to significantly higher visitor-to-viewer conversions. 

Event spotlight modules 

Our new customizable, plug-and-play spotlight modules can help you get more visitors to your current, past, and upcoming shows. You can embed them on any web page, from your home page to a curated landing page. 

Audio descriptions

It’s our goal to make Bambuser the most accessible live video shopping tool on the market. That’s why, in addition to our previously announced closed captioning capabilities, we’ve added a new audio captioning feature. This new feature allows you to create audible descriptions of key visual elements from your video: 

  • settings
  • actions
  • facial expressions
  • scene changes
  • ...and more! 

In third-party testing before the audio and text captioning launch, the platform scored well above average for ADA compliance.

Added social options 

We’ve added a new option to the Bambuser player: Share from Pre-Screen. With this new option enabled, viewers will have the option to share live streams across social media platforms. We’ve also added the ability to share from a specific timestamp in a recorded show, so viewers can guide their friends to the exact part of the show they want to share. 

And finally, we’ve added an Add to Calendar option so that your viewers never miss another live show! When active, an Add to Calendar button will be added to your show’s pre-screen. 

Watch the video and read the press release to learn more. 

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