Success Stories
December 2018

Kanal 75


Direct video communication with the audience

Kanal 75 equipped a selection of Sweden’s most high profile trotting riders with the Bambuser app to share their daily insights over mobile live video. The videos are programmatically fetched using Bambuser’s API and published to the video platform of The videos are incredibly popular since they provide viewers access to professional and exclusive advice straight from the trotting riders – advice that might turn them into betting winners.

“What I really like with Bambuser is the simplicity of the service. It’s easy to get started and it supports both live streaming and uploading of videos.”

Petri Johansson, Online Managing Director Kanal 75

Cost effective reach

The short videos generate very high audience engagement and bring high value to Kanal 75. Their popular video blogger Björn Goop is attracting an average of 26.000 views per video with an average viewer engagement of 7,5 minutes per session. The Bambuser app is a perfect tool for the riders since it requires almost no effort to get started and and Kanal 75 is generating hundreds of thousands of views every month, with very limited investments.

“We have equipped a selected group of profiled people and by doing so we have a greater access to their knowledge which is very appreciated by our readers and viewers.”

Petri Johansson, Online Managing Director Kanal 75

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