May 2021

Interactive events to raise funds for the fight against childhood cancer


Since 1982, The Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund, or Barncancerfonden, has been helping more children survive cancer while bringing affected families the care and support they need. Thanks to generous contributions from individuals, companies, and organizations, the Childhood Cancer Fund is the single largest funder of childhood cancer research in Sweden.

”Every day, a child in Sweden falls ill with cancer, and today, 85 percent survive. It is our goal to not just increase this survival rate, but help these children get through their illnesses with as few long-term side effects as possible. During the Week of Hope, we are asking the public to join our commitment to raising money for childhood cancer research and supporting our initiatives for these children and their families.” says Malin Paulsson, project manager for Week of Hope at the Childhood Cancer Fund.

Week of Hope by Bambuser is a new initiative from the Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund. During the week from 24-30 May, individuals and companies can participate in or create their own activities based entirely on their preferences, interests and prevailing COVID restrictions.

Week of Hope is being conducted in collaboration with Bambuser, and all participation fees will be contributed to the Childhood Cancer Fund to continue the organization’s work. Even before the event’s start, the initiative has nearly reached the fundraising goal of one million kronor.

Among the week's many activities will be two interactive live broadcasts benefiting the Childhood Cancer Fund's important work. With the help of Bambuser's technology, visitors to the Childhood Cancer Fund's website will be able to follow the live broadcast, interact via likes and live chat, and give a gift – completely frictionless. 

“Childhood cancer is, unfortunately, the most common cause of death in children aged 1-14 years. We are honored to support the Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund's important work and are pleased to see our technology make a significant contribution, helping to spread the message and intensifying the fundraising work,” says Maryam Ghahremani, CEO of Bambuser.

In the live broadcasts, viewers and donors will be able to follow a digital lecture on reducing food waste at home with Filip Lundin from Sopköket. In addition, an evening is offered in the candy kitchen together with Sebastien Boudet and Sara Aasum Hultberg.

About Week of Hope by Bambuser

  • When: May 24-30, 2021.
  • What: A week-long fundraising initiative from the Childhood Cancer Fund in collaboration with Bambuser, during which individuals and companies can arrange and participate in a variety of activities.
  • How: Individuals can choose whether they want to pay SEK 100, 250, or 500 in participation fees, and all fees will go to the Childhood Cancer Fund.
  • Why: Aims to raise one million kronor for the fight against childhood cancer.

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