Use Case
November 2018

Incorporating live streaming in a weather app


“What’s the weather like today?”

A recurring daily question to most when getting ready to head out.

Our smartphones have great apps for monitoring the weather forecast, but sometimes you need a better outlook by taking a step outside or asking someone directly.

A weather feed with user generated content through live video

Creating a crowdsourced social feed dedicated to real-time weather updates from real people is a unique way of getting weather updates and leveraging live video. Rather than relying on the current forecast, someone can find posts and live streams nearby to see how the weather feels like.

Lumi weather app

How can this be done?

User generated content through live video broadcasting

Integrating live broadcasting capabilities would allow to source User Generated Content in the app based on location. This is possible using the Bambuser Broadcast SDK for Android or iOS.

Viewing the broadcasts

Playback of live and on-demand video can be done using the Bambuser Player SDK. Video can also be played using our web player.

Linking video content to Geographical location

Location based metadata can be used from broadcasts to associate the videos with their nearby location, providing users a feed of recent broadcasts from users in their area.

What’s a Rich Text element?