Product News
May 2022

Implement One-to-One via Google Tag Manager


Integration time shouldn’t mean missing out on sales. Enable personalized shopping calls on your site in just 3 minutes.  

Bambuser is excited to announce that One-to-One – our world-leading personalized video shopping solution – can now be embedded into your site in just three minutes.

Google Tag Manager makes it easy for you to implement One-to-One into your site without any back-end support or coding knowledge.

This new plug and play feature offers all the basic functionality needed for One-to-One. After embedding, your customers will be able to jump in to or schedule shoppable, private video sessions with your sales staff.

Just like the in-store experience, now your team can hugely increase the likelihood of sales by offering detailed advice to customers anywhere in the world.

Find out more about One-to-One and how to embed it into your site.

See Bambuser’s technical documentation.

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