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November 2018

How to Create a Mobile Live-streaming App


Integrating live video in an app can offer benefits, like increasing user engagement and popularity by adding a new method of interaction. Depending on your technical background or how far you’ve come with your app, mobile live video can be added in a matter of minutes.

Bambuser enables app developers and businesses to incorporate one-to-many live video broadcasting in their own applications via a suite of SDKs and APIs for multiple platforms.

What is needed to develop a mobile broadcasting app

1. Bambuser Broadcast SDK – To allow your app users to broadcast live video within your app from their device’s camera.

2. Bambuser Player SDK – to play the streams within your app, a website or a mobile device.

3. An account on Bambuser is required. You can sign up for a free trial right here (be sure to provide a valid email so we can send you a login link)

Once you are all signed up and ready to go, check out the documentation to get up and running. Specifically how to create a broadcaster app may be of interest to you.

The documentation covers creating a broadcast app for different environments:

Key Concepts

You will need to set up an application ID for your app in order to use the SDKs.

The Resource URI is used in pointing to broadcasts (live / on-demand). Webhooks can be configured to notify your backend from Bambuser of new broadcasts, the JSON payload will contain a Resource URI that you can refer to when playing the stream. Webhooks will also contain other information, like the author which you can associate with your app users.

Sample code and apps

Example code for our API as well as apps can be found on Bambuser’s Github:

Other aspects to consider

There are a few things that are good to consider when creating your app, like screen-lock behavior and starting or ending a broadcast, we’ve covered broadcasting tips here.

Bambuser takes care of the following – leaving you to concentrate on other aspects of your product

Video Infrastructure:

Bambuser’s mature live streaming infrastructure handles everything from transcoding to scaling behind the scenes.

Video know-how:

Our developer tools allow you to easily integrate ultra-low latency live video from iOS and Android devices. Bambuser offers live video and photo sharing capabilities in your apps, using our advanced, yet developer-friendly, SDKs and APIs.

Video inventory and Video On-Demand:

Source content generated directly from the app users. Allow the users to easily contribute to your platform’s media inventory from their mobile device. Every live video is saved by default and can be viewed on-demand at a later time.

How the app will scale:

Bambuser offers end-to-end live streaming capabilities – from broadcaster to viewer – meaning you don’t have to worry about the challenges of managing the infrastructure required for broadcasting live video to thousands of viewers on different devices.

Adding chat functionality to your app

If you are looking to add a chat feature in your app together with live streaming, you are able to add that type of functionality using a third-party SDK. Some examples are:


Monetizing your app

The flow of new and interactive content will increase dwell time and incremental repeat traffic to your platform, boosting advertising and revenue opportunities. If you are looking to advertise your app, you are welcome to use any ad-network-SDK, allowing you to generate CPM revenues from every video view.

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