Client Highlights
November 2022

Capitalizing on Black Week with Live Shopping

Check out how these brands from around the world capitalized on Black Week and Black Friday using our powerful One-to-Many and One-to-One solutions.



Baby clothes and better engagement

BabySam is Denmark's largest chain of baby equipment and children's clothing stores. BabySam Live is a great example of how a small brand can generate sales simply by going live with a smartphone.

The Live Shopping event “We're warming up for Black Friday” was a success because...

  • It was a live competition and one-time event with exclusive prices and prizes available four hours before general sale.

  • The sense of exclusivity attracted hundreds of new and existing customers into the livestream who were looking for good prices on the products they needed.

  • It was genuinely helpful. Customers got a better sense of the products compared to browsing on the site, and they engaged via the chat to get their questions answered live.




Cutting through the noise of Black Week

Leroy Merlin is a French home improvement and gardening retailer with stores throughout Europe, Asia, South America and Africa. The brand’s South African Black Friday Live Shopping event was a success because…

  • It achieved particularly high viewership because it offered exclusive deals customers couldn’t find anywhere else.
  • The host was an in-house expert who added an engaging, friendly and authentic feel. During a busy shopping period where every brand fights for customers’ attention, the event connected customers with the brand personally.

  • Leroy Merlin saved money by going live from the shop floor using the Bambuser app. This way they could go live quickly without much planning and keep production cost low to increase their profit margin.




Capture sales from spikes in site traffic

Elkjøp is the largest electronics retailer in the Nordics with hundreds of stores across Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark.

The brand embedded our Shoppable Video Calling solution, One-to-One into their site in 2021 and now relies on it to offer excellent customer experiences that leads to significant, reliable conversion.

During Black Week 2022, Elkjøp Norway achieved some particularly impressive results with One-to-One…

  • Calls with customers increased by 132%. Elkjøp doubled the number of sales staff using the solution to capitalize on the spike in site traffic, inviting as many customers as possible into calls.
  • The calls achieved a staggering 22% increase in conversion rate, proving that One-to-One is a truly effective tool to use for promotions and key dates.

Download our case study with Elkjøp to get the full picture on how One-to-One provides a 30% conversion rate all year round.


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