Client Highlights
February 2022

Client Highlights February 2022

Meet some of our clients mastering Live Video Shopping this month

All kinds of brands in every industry utilize Bambuser’s solutions to connect with their customers and increase sales, each with a livestreaming style of their own.

Below are three very different brands that have honed their own unique Live Video Shopping formats. In order for you to improve your live shows, we’ve taken a look at the data and found out exactly why their specific setups are enabling them to achieve such incredible success.


Banana Beauty is a Berlin-based brand that chose Bambuser to take it’s unique products and expert advice to the whole of Germany. This live show saw huge engagement because of:

A professional touch

Banana’s show reached thousands of viewers because their in-house host, Léonie Singh has become a pro at marrying beauty expertise and charisma.

An on-brand backdrop

The live show featured a colourful, on-brand backdrop and product setup to create a sense of professionalism as well as a fun and engaging in-store atmosphere.

An incredible demo

Customers were able to imagine the benefits of the products on their own skin as Léonie demonstrated how to use them, live and on screen. Watch their show here.


Founded in 1870, London's most prestigious perfume house hit a new sales record by going live to celebrate its founder's birthday. Here’s why the show was a success:

An immersive cultural experience

Customers increased the number of viewers by inviting friends to join a virtual visit of Penhaligon’s beautiful Covent Garden store.

Responsive & engaging experts

The show achieved a record number of sales because the two team members who acted as hosts could encourage purchase by quickly answering in-stream customer questions.

History meets cutting-edge

The live show created long-lasting, returning customers as the audience bonded with the brand over its deep heritage. Watch their show here.


The American Luxury department store regularly hosts their groundbreaking Live Video Shopping cooking shows that are adored by thousands of fans. Their key secrets to success are:

A sense of inspiration

Fans add the shows to their diaries to improve their culinary skills thanks to celebrity chef Jordan Andino’s inspirational insights.

A familiar face & a guest star

The audience can easily follow the host as he invites and guides big-name guests who aren’t known for their culinary skills.

A dynamic pro setup

Bloomingdale’s professional setup uses external cameras and RTMP to give their shows a high quality, engaging, varied and dynamic feel that keeps customers coming back. Watch their show here.

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