March 2022

Boost conversion by inviting customers to watch shows via product pages

If you’re a brand already live with Bambuser, you’ll know how well our Live Video Shopping technology converts. Our solutions elevate archaic ecom sites with static images and product descriptions to interactive experiences with hyper-engaging and shoppable livestreams.

But, our latest solution update makes them even more powerful than ever.

Now our clients can take their recorded live shows and embed links that direct the viewer directly to the part of the show where the products are discussed in-stream.

Why? Because a customer is far more likely to tune in to and purchase via the show if it features a product they’re already actively looking for and ready to invest in.


How it works

Essentially, the Bambuser product reference API makes it possible to fetch specific product data that has appeared in a show to be promoted on your product landing page.

Using this information, you can create a deep link on your product page, bringing your customers to specifically the point in time in your show when the product is highlighted and demonstrated.

If your brand offered your customers this feature, you’d hugely increase the lifespan of your shows, nurture longer average viewing times and ultimately increase the chance of achieving higher conversion rates.

More conversion where it matters

In fact, Bambuser’s stats show that on average 70% of conversion comes from customers watching live shows that have already ended, on-demand.


Get started now!

If you haven’t already, please contact Bambuser for an API key which will allow you access to retrieve show information using API calls.

  • To help you improve how you retrieve live show information, you can find the Bambuser API documentation here.
  • To create a CTA to take customers to a section within a show where a specific product is shown, you’ll first need to call the Bambuser API to:
  1. Get “List of appearances by product reference” using your product reference, usually the product’s SKU.
  2. You can also retrieve all products showcased during a show with “List of appearances by id”, using your show ID.
  • The API calls will return a payload that contains (among other information) one or several “deeplink” values. Use this value in your player configuration when you create your CTA for opening the player. For more information on how to set the configuration, please see the integration documentation here.
  • Congratulations! You have now created a CTA that will open a recorded show at the point in time when the product of your choice is showcased!


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