December 2018

Beginner’s Guide to Live Video for Business


Live video is everywhere at the moment, there is no escaping it. It can be used in a multitude of ways, and for even more purposes. For all of the businesses who waited patiently to see if this was just another internet fad, or if there was actually longevity to the concept, they now have the difficult task of mastering what is already second nature to others.

Whether you want to use live video on social media, or within your own platform, the same challenges exist.

So here are some ideas to help your business ease into the world of live video:

Company updates or Press Releases

Live video is the perfect platform to address your audience and fill them in on any company updates or press releases. By communicating directly with your audience rather than going through PR companies and alternative media outlets, this will fortify their relationship and bond with your organization or brand.

Announce breaking news

Go live and share breaking news as it happens. Be the first to bring up-to-date information to your followers, answering any questions from the viewers as you go. With mobile live video, you can even capture events as they unfold out in the field. Check out Iris Flow for more information on how you can easily roll out this type of mobile live video within your organization.

Live stream events

Capture live events of any nature and share them with your followers. Live stream anything from charity fundraisers, concerts, performances, sports events… down to your office Christmas party. Share whatever you think would be of value to your followers.

Announce new products and give demonstrations

Use live video as a platform to launch your brand’s newest products or services. Also, give demonstrations to the viewers, clearly showing and talking through all of the amazing features and benefits that it provides.

How it’s made / how it works

Consumers are curious creatures. They are usually interested in knowing how their favourite products are made and are often fascinated with the mechanics behind how they work. So why not live stream a tour of your manufacturing facility, talk through the ingredients or components comprising your product, and give some detail as to the science behind how it works, once assembled.

Live tutorials or online classes

One of the best ways to entice an audience to watch your content, is to offer them something that they want in return. Information has always been an extremely valuable commodity. By live streaming a tutorial in which you share knowledge, teach a short class on a certain topic or do a step-by-step demonstration, this will increase your viewership considerably as the audience will feel that they are being given something valuable in return for their time.

Competitions and Contests

In the same vein as above, interest will spike by offering the audience something which will benefit them. Live video can be used to run competitions and contests, offering the audience the chance to compete and win prizes.

Live Q&A’s / Interviews with people of interest

Q&A sessions are another big win for live video content. Not only do they give the audience a chance to learn more about the brand, which humanizes the organization in many ways, but it also offers the audience an interactive opportunity to engage within the online community, ask questions, and become a participant on the platform, not just a spectator. Another way to do this is by conducting interviews with celebrities, people of interest or subject matter experts, allowing the audience to tune-in, send messages and ask questions of their own, in real-time.

Behind the scenes access

Offer your audience backstage / behind the scenes access to any number of occasions or events. For example, give them some behind the scenes insights into what happens on-set at a TV commercial for an upcoming advertising campaign, or insight into the decision-making process of how a brand chooses their new range of products for the upcoming season.

Live customer service sessions

One way to guarantee that customers feel valued and their voices heard, is for organizations to have excellent customer service, solving problems and helping their customers with any grievances or difficulties in relation to the products or services that they offer. Use live video as a platform to facilitate customer care, by opening the channels of communication, interacting with the audience, and serving your customers in any way possible.

Recurring segment or show

Encourage repeated traffic by running a live daily or weekly segment on your platform. The content and format of this segment are completely up to you, customizable based on whatever is relevant to your audience and industry. The important thing is to be consistent, scheduling your live broadcasts for particular days of the week, at specific times, offering your viewers something to tune-in to on a regular basis.

Big Brother-esque continuous live streams

Reality TV shows have been a growing trend for the last decade. In more recent years we’ve seen an introduction to the continuous live streaming of certain environments. For instance, a webcam attached to the space station, transmitting live scenes from outer space, or a live feed of an eagle’s nest, waiting for its eggs to hatch. A common trend that has emerged from this, is for brands or organizations to continuously stream live video of their office or work environment, allowing the audience to tune-in and feel like a fly on the wall, watching the comings and goings of the employees as they go about their daily work.

So those are our top tips for getting started using live video. These ideas can be mixed and matched to combining to create a unique live video experience, tailored specifically to your viewers. Try out a few different types of live video session to see what resonates best with your audience.

Three golden rules

Now you are fully armed with the knowledge to kick-start live video for your organization or brand. Just make sure to remember the following three golden rules, and you’ll be a live video pro in no time:

  1. Plan the general flow of the content before you start, to keep you on track during the live video.
  2. Keep your tone friendly and conversational.
  3. Try to engage your audience, interacting with them as much as possible.

Get started quickly

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