July 2020

Bambusers enters into an agreement with Aim’n regarding Live Video Shopping


Bambuser announced that the company will start offering a few selected companies different packaging to lower the threshold for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to enter into agreements for Live Video Shopping and in order to evaluate a varied pricing strategy that caters to future potential customers in different sizes and with varying needs. Since then, Bambuser has entered into customer agreements with the brands Indiska, Odd Molly, By Malina, Lace Laboratory and Stylein, as well as the online pharmacy MEDS.

Today, Bambuser AB has signed a new agreement with Aim Apparel AB. The agreement runs for six months and relates to a limited version of Live Video Shopping for retail. The agreement is based on a fixed monthly license fee, as well as a variable part depending on use. The variable part can not be estimated in advance as it is customer specific and based on a combination of a number of different parameters.

The parameters included are number of markets, brands, viewers and viewing length, broadcasts and broadcast length, amount of data transmitted, stored data volume for previously performed broadcasts, desired video quality, and any additional services. The majority of the contract value is expected to be derived from the variable part. Due to that, Bambuser today cannot assess how large the fixed part of the agreement constitutes of the total contract value. As the agreement relates to a limited version, the company estimates that revenues will be lower in relation to previously entered into agreements for a full version of Live Video Shopping.

Aim’n is a Swedish activewear brand created by women – for women. The company was founded by Helen Van and Tekla Acs with the goal of inspiring and motivating women around the world to an active lifestyle and to dare to believe in themselves and their dreams. The self-designed training clothes are now offered in over 160 countries.

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