February 2021

Bambuser Live Showcase: Weekly highlights #2


11 February

Unisport (EN) — Unisport is one of the world's leading retailers of football products. In this live show episode, hosts JayMike and PWG will share three secrets every customer needs to know about the new Nike Mercurial cleats. 

Boozt (SE) — Boozt, the leading Nordic fashion technology company, teamed up with Bambuser to launch Live Video Shopping at Stockholm Fashion Week. In this live show, you can find out about the essential Nordic spring and summer trends.   

12 February

FreshCap (EN) — FreshCap is on a mission to bring mushrooms to the masses. This mushroom-powered live show hosted by real mushroom nerds features some potent organic extracts and introduces a whole new way to enjoy these fantastic fungi. Say hello to mushroom coffee!

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