May 2021

Bambuser Live Showcase: Weekly highlights #17


Caudalie — By harnessing the unique antioxidant power of grapevine polyphenols, Caudalie supplies beauty products that are not only powerful but also natural and luxurious. In the skincare brand’s Italian live shopping show, Head of Training Anna-Lisa Cennamo will bring her best tips for achieving glowing, dewy skin for the summer. 

Boozt — How to dress for that special occasion? Festive summer favorites are the focus of this live shopping event with influencer and fashion expert Kajsa Baekmark.. Viewers will learn how to style various garments and get the best tips and advice straight from the fashion pro!

Matas — Charismatic skincare guru Ole Henriksen is back in the Matas LIVE studio to share some expert skincare tips. With more than 40 years of experience and with his popular brand, Ole is a staple of the beauty industry and a super knowledgeable guest. He lives and breathes skincare and always has the best vibes on the screen.

Swedol — In an industry where the right product choice can be the difference between a successful working day and a serious accident, how can you make sure you’re choosing the right product? Retailer Swedol offers tools and gear for professionals, and together with radio show host Martina Thun they also educate viewers about the latest products. In this live shopping episode, viewers can learn the basics of machine polishing and waxing vehicles.

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