Bambuser launches One-to-Few, allowing brands to host focused group sessions with loyal customers


Two years after bringing Live Video Shopping to the world with One-to-Many, Bambuser is further pioneering the live commerce landscape with a new solution, softlaunching in January 2022 with selected partner such as Kjell & Co.

One-to-Few is a brand new, Bambuser-first solution that sits in-between the opportunities offered from Bambuser’s One-to-Many and One-to-One solutions. 

What is One-to-Few? 

One-to-Few is a Live Video Shopping solution that offers retailers a new, immersive and interactive social shopping experience but with a focus on loyalty and exclusivity. 

Via a two way video, One-to-Few provides brands a digital space where small, selected groups of customers can be invited to sessions to discuss, preview, showcase and sell products. As well as provide sales opportunities, One-To-Few allows brands to host close-knit masterclasses and workshops to boost brand awareness and loyalty. 

Why One-to-Few?

One-to-Few was born from an idea presented by some of the world’s leading brands.

From the data collected during interviews with both Bambuser’s existing and prospective clients from multiple retail segments, it became apparent a new solution was required. One-to-Few was created to allow brands to engage with, learn from and reward their most loyal customers.  

How does One-to-Few work?

Just like One-to-Many and One-to-One, the One-to-Few solution has a dedicated Bambuser dashboard designed to set up shows and invite guests. 

To go live, a simple smartphone livestream setup is all that is required and a quiet space for brand representatives to lead the conversation.  

One-to-Few’s player is embedded easily on a brand’s native site, similarly to One-to-Many and One-to-One, the entire experience is streamed in landscape (horizontal). One-to-Few will primarily be used for viewing on a laptop or tablet but it can also be viewed on mobile. 

Retailers will have the opportunity to highlight and compare products directly on screen and all participants will be able to add items to their cart and interact via a two-way video, audio and chat.

Bambuser’s Full Loop

One-to-Few is the last piece in the Bambuser offering to achieve a ‘Full-Loop’ service. 

What this means is that by offering solutions to reach customers on mass (One-to-Many), individually in private sessions (One-to-One) and now to exclusive, small groups (One-to-Few), Bambuser offers brands with a holistic Live Video Shopping ecosystem. 

Brands can leverage Bambuser’s technology to maximize sales, engagement, personalization and research for any type of client, in any vertical.

Thanks to the Full-Loop, Bambuser has the future of retail wrapped up and ready to go. Book a demo today to experience its potential. 

“We are very excited to launch One-to-Few and complete the Bambuser ‘Full-Loop’. Now brands can truly harness the power of our Live Video Shopping product suite to reach their true potential and yield bigger and better results than ever before.”

Maryam Ghahremai, CEO, Bambuser.

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