Client Highlights
February 2023

The Secret to Selling Fashion with Live Shopping

This month we’re highlighting three unique fashion brands and their approaches to Live Shopping. 

Discover how they create a powerful sense of legitimacy and how they leveraged the buzz around Valentine’s Day 2023.



Valentine’s Day outfit options

Windsor is a US women’s fashion brand that has delivered its mission to “create an oasis that inspires and empowers women” since opening its doors in 1937.

In January 2023, Windsor transitioned their Live Shopping Events Series to their site with Bambuser. Their goal was to inspire and educating their customers with styling advice, outfits for every occasion, and tips on trending looks.

In just one month, their site had a catalog of inspiring Live Shopping events, including a Valentine’s Day special that became their most successful because…

  • It was filmed in-store utilizing a simple tripod and ring light setup, and streamed directly from a smartphone using the Bambuser App.  
  • The show’s theme highlighted the public holiday, attracting a spike in shoppers. As a result, Windsor achieved its highest sales from a single show.
  • Fashion expert host, Brielle actively engaged with viewers as she gave a number of style recommendations, showcasing up-close details of vibrant Valentine's Day outfits. 




Drive viewership with legitimacy
and FOMO

WOW Concept is a groundbreaking, vivid and striking department store in the heart of Madrid, set inside what used to be a historic hotel. They offer a curated selection of interior design, streetwear, designer fashion, self care and cutting-edge tech.

The brand’s Live Shopping channel was launched at the end of 2022 and has hit the ground running. A perfect example of their successful Live Shopping formula is their Valentine’s Day event, which was successful not just because it piggybacked on a cultural event, but because…

  • It drove viewership, legitimacy and sales by blending in-house hosts (known as “WOWers”) who act as personal shoppers, with guest host Nat Cebrián – an influencer with more than 290,000 dedicated and responsive Instagram followers.
  • It also blended pre-recorded and live footage from multiple devices to create dynamic and engaging content and provide a feeling of trustworthy professionalism.
  • The event was filmed in store, giving a  feeling of shopping virtually and creating a sense of FOMO to ultimately drive foot traffic.
  • The hosts demonstrated how to shop within the stream, announce the discount codes on offer, and advertised upcoming Live Shopping events. These small efforts decrease customer drop off significantly and encourage sales.




Spring jeans for everyone

Kappahl is one of the most well-known fashion brands in the Nordics, with desirable everyday items for the whole family.

The brand launched their Live Shopping channel in 2020, offering their vast audience the chance to shop their latest collections while getting free styling guidance for women, men and kids.

They use a blend of in-house experts and carefully selected influencers as hosts, as advised by our Live Shopping experts here at Bambuser.

To welcome in the spring, Kappahl hosted a sale event focusing on styling denim. The livestream gained a lot of traction because…

  • In-house experts discussed diversity in size and style, and gave the show a warm and genuine feel that boosted engagement.
  • Kappahl offered an exclusive discount code that was only available to those who tuned in, driving sales exponentially.
  • The event was broadcast across social media pages and followed a firm but flexible script that invited thousands of customers, members and followers and kept them engaged.
  • The site was adapted to advertise the event before going live, and the event was given a longer life by being hosted on the site and on social pages once it was completed.


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