Success Stories
December 2018



Aftonbladet is a Swedish media house within Schibsted Media Group. The company has a strong history in Sweden as one of the most well-known newspapers and has established a very strong presence in digital channels. The most dramatic growth is on mobile, which is steadily working its way to become Aftonbladet’s primary news source.

The company aims to be the most engaging news source and meeting place for people wanting to stay informed on the latest news.

“For reporters, that are in the field, they can live report straight away, and they don’t have to upload anything; it just goes straight to [the control room].”

Niklas Ornerud, Aftonbladet TV

Extending journalists’ live reporting capabilities

Aftonbladet uses the Bambuser Broadcaster app, allowing journalists to stream live video from their smartphone to the control room. As Martin Ekelund describes, it is crucial that technology does not hinder viewers from consuming the news. They need to be fast and first to report when news breaks.

Using the Bambuser Broadcaster app together with the Content Management tool allows for multiple feeds coming in to the control room where they can pick exactly which to broadcast live. The Content Dashboard provides a clean and easy-to-use interface directly in the browser. Editors can quickly and easily discover and monitor incoming live feeds and archived videos and interact with the users via text chat. Approved content can be instantly ingested into any existing video system via the SDI-output or directly published to any digital platform.

“We have many users who have the app installed, and every user is potentially a reporter that can send us live images from the field”

Sourcing User-Generated Content (UGC) from the public

Aftonbladet has integrated the Bambuser Broadcast SDK in their news app. This feature allows their audience to contribute with exclusive and breaking news in real-time. Users can be notified via push notification with the option of sharing live footage covering more live news as it unfolds.

In only a few weeks they were able to integrate, test and launch a fully customized broadcasting experience.

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