November 2021

5 Ways to boost ROI with Live Video Shopping this Festive Period



Increase in revenue from Q3 to Q4


Increase in conversion


Increase in CTR


It’s time to gear up for the holidays

Q4 is the most lucrative and exciting time of year for almost all brands, but it’s even more so for those who offer Live Video Shopping with Bambuser.

Not only because brands who work with Bambuser have the opportunity to maximize sales or break ROI records, but because it’s a chance to have fun with their live shows, try new formats and learn even more about their customers.

So, to help brands do all of the above and more, we’ve used our data and expertise to put together this list: 5 Ways to boost ROI with Live Video Shopping this Festive Period.


1. Cover every big shopping event

It may sound like an obvious strategy, but not enough brands maximize their Live Video Shopping potential over the holidays by hitting every single sales-focused event. Bambuser has recorded a staggering 292% increase in Q3 to Q4 revenue from previous years, so brands need to ensure they’re celebrating every single day in Cyber Week, not just Cyber Monday and Black Friday.

Brands working with influencers during the holidays should include them in these event-focused shows and have them drum up as much excitement as possible and invite their own audiences to join.


2. Countdown to Christmas

An advent calendar countdown is a great way to drum up customer interest and could create Live Video Shopping shows with a 29% increase in Conversion Rate.

Brands can go live any number of times, for as short as 10 minute shows to as long as 24 hour marathons, to discuss everything from new lines of holiday products to Christmas shoppings tips and tricks.


3. Tap into the festive feeling

Brands can boost their Live Video Shopping offering by matching and making the most of the festive feeling of the holiday season.

A proven way to increase engagement and viewing figures within live shows is to include fun and festive-themed elements like giveaways, discounts, competitions, games and unboxings. Brands should pin holiday messages (with emojis if it suits the brand) in the chat feature, decorate the spaces they broadcast from and dress their hosts to match.


4. Maximise reach with social media

Brands can hugely increase their Live Video Shopping viewing figures and revenue by broadcasting their live shows across their Facebook, TikTok, YouTube and other social media pages.

Bambuser’s Social Media Multistream tool enables brands to as much as double or triple their reach when inviting customers to join and it can also increase Click-Through-Rate by 15%.

Find out how to leverage live shows with Social Media Multistream here.


5. Spark customer conversations

During a period where viewing figures for Live Video Shopping shows can skyrocket, answering every customer question can be a challenge. So, to fix this and ensure customer satisfaction, Bambuser recommends turning the tables to ask the audience questions. This way brands can grow their understanding of their customers and identify gaps in the audience’s knowledge that can be filled to increase the likelihood of purchases.


“Human connection is at the core of Bambuser’s technology. We connect our clients to their audiences in an authentic way, which perfectly reflects the togetherness of the holiday season.”

Sophie Abrahamsson, CCO, Bambuser

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