March 2022

4 ways Live Video Shopping increases spring sales

Spring is energizing, optimistic and full of commercial opportunity!

These four Live Video Shopping tips from Bambuser’s data team will get you connected with your customers as their wardrobes, routines and plans change to suit longer days, sunnier skies and the refreshing feeling in the air.


1. Launching your latest products

What better way to launch your latest, most innovative and fashionable products than with Live Video Shopping?  

Leverage One-to-Many to allow thousands of customers to buy your new items in HD, shoppable livestreams hosted on your site.

Drum-up excitement and guarantee maximum viewers with a drip campaign on your social pages and even simultaneously broadcast your shows across them too!

Once your shows are complete, host them on your site for as long as you want to keep conversion ticking over.


2. Out with the old, in with the new.

At the beginning of spring, every brand has winter stock left over that sale events didn’t quite manage to shift.

But – even now before it’s too late – you can still make a huge, final push to sell your old stock thanks to Bambuser’s Live Video Shopping solutions.

Use One-to-Many to host a hyper-engaging shoppable livestream event from your site to offer exclusive, extra low prices.  

Similarly to above, make sure to maximize viewers with a short, drip campaign, broadcast the show across your social pages and keep it on your site for customers to continue shopping.


3. Capitalize on key springtime dates

April Fool’s Day, Good Friday, Easter Sunday and Monday, Siblings Day, National Pet Day, Ramadan, Earth day, St George’s Day and Pride.

Spring is packed with lots of opportunities for your brand to get in on the celebrations and connect with your audience.

No matter what the focus is or where your customer bases are in the world, you can utilize Live Video Shopping to touch base with them and create sales spikes by hosting special events with themed backdrops/locations and exclusive offers and giveaways.


4. Extend your reach with Bambuser’s latest tools

Bambuser’s solutions aren’t the sole reason why we’re the world’s leading Live Video Shopping company. We’re head and shoulders above any other provider because of the added value you get from these innovative features:

Social Media Multistreaming

massively increases viewers and sales by enabling you to host live shows across your social pages simultaneously.

Floating Action Widget

massively increases viewers and sales by enabling you to host live shows across your social pages simultaneously.


allows you to display the right live shows alongside the right products, maximizing the chance of viewers and purchases.


Are you missing out on working with Bambuser?

If your brand isn’t taking advantage of Live Video Shopping with Bambuser, get yourself a free demo of One-to-Many. Simply add your email to the form below and we’ll be in touch.

Or, if you’re already a Bambuser customer and you want to make full use of every one of the features mentioned above, reach out to your Bambuser point of contact to find out more.

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