March 2022

3 ways to push conversion and boost brand loyalty using One-to-One

Here are 3 tools that will elevate your customer’s One-to-One personalized shopping experience.

Whether your customers are looking for inspiration or advice, One-to-One is the Live Video Shopping solution that allows you to elevate your online presence to be a more interactive, virtual in-store experience. By letting your customers easily connect with your sales agents, they can get the assistance they need to buy your products.  

Bambuser is constantly improving One-to-One by building and testing new features and product tools. We offer multiple tools and features for you to use to hone your One-to-One solution further.


1. Increase visibility and conversion rates with the Overlay Widget

Bambuser’s pre-build Overlay Widget makes it easier than ever for your customers to join One-to-One sessions with your sales agents from anywhere on your site.

Brands that have implemented the Overlay Widget have increased their average numbers this much:

  • +341% of customers joining a queue.
  • +301% accepted calls

It’s so easy! Are you ready to boost your call rate?

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2. Decrease drop-off rate with Surf while in Queue

Make the call waiting time to be a seamless experience for your customers. By enabling Surf While in Queue to your Call Widget, customers can easily browse on your site while waiting for a sales agent..

  • Reduced drop-off rate
  • Overall enhanced customer experience

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3. Find out what your customers think with Call Feedback

Call Feedback is essential to know your customers’ thoughts.

Knowing how your customers experienced your services allows you to identify areas for improvement and gain further insights that can create positive change in your Live Video Shopping offering.

  • Access more data in Bambuser Stats.
  • Let’s you know how your agents performs
  • Increase your customer satisfaction

Please reach out to your Bambuser point of contact to activate this feature.

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