April 2022

3 tips to push traffic to your shows


Want to maximize your reach? Listen to your data.

The easiest way to grow your Live Video Shopping platform and achieve more, measurable success is to look at your data and act on what it tells you.

The Bambuser Dashboard displays all your Live Video Shopping data in one place, giving you a clean and insightful overview of how your live shows are performing. In a recent update, we made it even easier to get a precise understanding of what tools drive the most traffic to your shows.

In this article we’re walking you through stats and Bambuser features, and what they tell you about your customers’ behavior. We’re empowering you to tailor and streamline your Live Video Shopping formula to be as effective as possible.

The above 50% and below 50% stats in this article relate to the new traffic acquisition graph in The Bambuser Dashboard. Use this graph to see where your viewers are tuning into your shows from.


1. Direct traffic

Direct traffic is the number of viewers tuning in to your shows directly from your site. This statistic can help you measure how easily your customers can find your shows on-site, compared to how effective your promotional efforts are.

  • Above 50%: Your CTAs and overall content is working well to attract viewers.
  • Below 50%: Consider using banners to entice viewers, make sure your live shows are easily visible in your menus and utilize Bambuser’s Floating Action Widget (see below).


2. Floating Action Button

One of the key features of Bambuser’s One-to-Many solution is the Floating Action Button. It allows you to promote your live show across your site whenever you’re live, making it easy for visitors to tune in no matter which page they’re on.

  • Above 50%: Your organic site visitors are obviously interested in your live shows.
  • Below 50%: Consider enabling the FAB on all site pages to entice as many viewers as possible.

If you don’t have the FAB on your site and would like to increase viewers up to 125%, discover how to implement it here.


3. Social Multistreaming

Bambuser’s One-to-Many can be integrated with leading social platforms, allowing you to simultaneously stream your shows across your social pages.

Multistreaming is an incredibly useful tool that can dramatically increase your reach and lead thousands of viewers to your native-hosted show.

  • Above 50%: You’re successfully leveraging one of our client-favorite features and your social followers are keen to shop in your live shows.
  • Below 50%: Be more active and keep consistent with the goal of achieving a high CTR.

If you’re not using social multistreaming, find out how to here.


4. Sharing capability

This feature within the player allows you to easily share your show on all your social channels and via Whatsapp and email.

The share feature provides recipients with a deep-link that drives them directly to the show instead of the landing page.

  • Above 50% - Keep it up! Your viewers are following your deep-links to your show effectively.
  • Below 50% - Make use of this feature in all your promo and avoid sharing landing page links.

Find out more about how sharing can boost your viewers by speaking to your Bambuser contact.


If you aren’t using these features to improve your reach, your number of viewers or how effective your Live Video Shopping platform is overall, speak to your point of contact at Bambuser today.

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